Dancing in the dark


A few weeks ago I was thumbing through my phone’s Facebook feed as I am wont to do when wasting time and came across something called… ‘Dancing in the dark’. 


I shared it to my own feed, wondering what it was and friends from other places in Australia immediately responded – explaining it’s essentially an ‘exercise’ class which involves freestyle dancing around a darkened room.

So… kinda like clubbing back in the 1990s. Or maybe even now, for all I know?!

Before moving to Hervey Bay I was addicted to a class at my gym I called faux Zumba. I adored this class and my instructor Nikki. So much so I’d head into the city to go if I had a day off work. Les Mills gym-goers might recognise it as something akin to Body Jam or Sh’bam.

On moving to the Fraser Coast I checked for similar classes but could only find the usual Zumba options.

So… the notion of ‘dancing in the dark’ was kinda alluring. Not to mention scary.

I kept harping on at my learned friends. (Control-freak that I am!)

“So we just dance however we want?” 

“For an entire hour?” 

Yes. And yes. In case you were wondering. Apparently it’s also sometimes called ‘no-lights no-lycra’.

Friends I went dancing with in the 1990s attested to its fun-ness…. so I figured I might as well give it a go. I’ve been trying to work on my fitness and while I’m now going to Ocean Tree Yoga Studio twice most weeks, I’m struggling with cardiovascular exercise.

The classes kicked off on Thursday 9 February at The Studio in Maryborough – which also plays host to yoga, pilates and now barre classes.

I have to admit I changed my mind 20 times the day I was due to go. I felt unwell. I wasn’t in the mood. I couldn’t be arsed driving from Hervey Bay to Maryborough. And (in all honesty) I had no bloody idea what to expect and was a tad nervous.

However… I compromised and decided to go to my mother’s (in Maryborough) for the night. And, of course once there guilt kicked in, so about 30mins before the class was due to start I threw on some gym gear and headed off.

Chelsie – one of the yoga instructors greeted me and explained the person who had organised the classes was no longer involved, but they decided go ahead nonetheless.

I was thankful to see some other nervous faces arrive… all excited but unsure what to expect.

There were 6 of us in total in the end and IT WAS INCREDIBLE!

I thought I’d feel self-conscious and I might have for a minute or so, but it’s a bit like being at a club. Unless you go bounding into someone’s space you mostly ignore each other and do your own thing.

It’s dark so while you can kinda ‘see’ each other amidst the darkness and disco lights you don’t feel as if you’re on show.

And you really CAN dance however you bloody want. I thought I’d just do some do side-to-side naff shoo-bop-type movements…. given I’ve been ‘out’ dancing once in the last decade and it’s over 4 years since my faux Zumba classes but before I knew it I was bouncing about to the Black Eyed Peas… (And yes, even without alcohol to lubricate my funky moves!)

A bit of Madonna and I would have had some flashbacks to Maryborough’s Royal Hotel (aka Muck-hole) circa 1980s and 1990s.

Chelsie said she’s still working on the music and asked what those of us there liked. I said I was partial to some 80s and 90s stuff and top 40. I should have mentioned some of my old faves from faux Zumba, like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga and so forth. But last night we had a bit of everything from 1D to Oasis to hip-hop etc…


As we’re in the middle of a heatwave in Queensland and the room’s not airconditioned it was pretty bloody hot. But that was okay. We were all ready for it and felt like we’d had a good workout after.

Shoes are optional, but as there are tiles we decided it was probably better for our joints if we kept them on as the floor would get hard if you were leaping about energetically for an hour.


Some of us doing an end-of-class footsie. An ‘after’ shot of our sweaty faces wasn’t an option. 🙂

The time passes surprisingly quickly. We just grabbed a drink of water whenever we needed it and kept going. I was surprised as I’m pretty unfit and thought I’d need to take a break or two but I just reined in my jaunty and much-admired moves (!!) when I needed to.

So, all in all, I had a great time and am looking forward to more next week.

Dancing in the Dark is held at The Studio, at 4/71 Wharf Street in Maryborough on Thursday from 7-8pm and costs $7/person. Find The Studio on Facebook or call 0429 967 628 for information about the classes or others on offer.

I should mention it took all of my willpower not to make a Bruce Springsteen / Courtney Cox reference during this post. Mainly cos I thought readers might be too young to get it.

Would you try ‘dancing in the dark’? 

The Holistic Hub

I wrote earlier today about yoga in my diet blog and decided I’d cheat and do a bit of a cross-post.

I was extremely fortunate, you see, to win the lucky door prize at the most recent What Women Want networking function. And… one month of limitless yoga classes at The Holistic Hub couldn’t have gone to a worthier more grateful recipient!

The Yoga Crew at The Holistic Hub offer Yoga Chi Gung several mornings and evenings a week as well as Hatha Yoga and kids yoga! On top of this there’s a 7am yoga class held on Saturday morning at / near the Sailing Club in Torquay. Depending on the weather the classes are held outside (on the grass – or on the pier as we experienced yesterday) or inside the Sailing Club.

yoga today

I’ve started with Yoga Chi Gung and love the focus on getting my mind and body in balance through the breath and through gentle movements and poses. I’m yet to try Lynette’s YCG classes or Jenny’s Hatha Yoga class, but love the serenity and strength that Jessica brings to the classes I’ve attended.

yoga2The offerings from The Holistic Hub don’t stop at yoga; with a Women’s Sharing Circle, massage therapist, as well as regular courses and workshops. The Hub recently hosted a Chakradance night and will soon be offering a Nurture Day.

Following their Facebook page will help keep you in the loop and details about the types of yoga they offer and their class times and location can all be found on their website.


* I am currently attending classes at The Holistic Hub for free, however this was part of a prize unassociated with the Hub and its instructors. This is not a sponsored post.

Get fit for free on the Fraser Coast!

Argh! I now have absolutely no excuse at all not to exercise. And I blame the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Since moving back into the area I’ve scoped out gyms but procrastinated about joining any.  It’s easy to find excuses: the sessions don’t suit; it’s too expensive; I don’t have time.

But the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s latest initiative has put an end to my most-definitely-believeable array of excuses legitimate reasons.


From 18 March 2013, Council is launching its 8 week community exercise program across Maryborough and Hervey Bay. And… there’s something for everyone: from Boxercise, Circuit Training and Pilates in Maryborough to Aqua Aerobics, Bootcamp, Slacklining* and Stretch, Strengthen and Sculpt classes in Hervey Bay.

SCreen shot 2013-03-13 at 3.52.15 PM2Specific classes target Mums and Bubs while others are aimed at Seniors.

All classes are absolutely free and all you need to do is turn up on the day with: closed-in shoes, water, towel and a hat, along with stacks of enthusiasm. (You might want to get in early though as classes are limited to 25 participants.)

A full timetable is available on the Council’s website along with terms and conditions and additional detail.

* You don’t know what this is? Nah, me either! I did google it though!