Fraser Coast – home of the humpback

I realise I’m a bit late to the party but just in case you hadn’t realised… the whale-watching season is upon us here on the Fraser Coast.

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Over the past 25ish years, Hervey Bay has become the playground to humpback whales as they migrate to the warmer waters in winter and spring. (To see how it all started, check out this post!)

I first went whale watching in the early 1990s with my father. We only saw the barest glimpse of a whale but I had a fabulous day. In fact, I committed to returning with friends to make a day of it. My dad was a non-drinker so didn’t really partake in the lunchtime drinks and I felt like it could have been more of an event.

A year or so later I went out again, with a couple of friends this time. The weather wasn’t great. In fact, it was almost impossible to be out on deck as waves were crashing over the sides of the boat. The whales were scarce again that day however, I wasn’t particularly worried as I spent the entire time in the toilet throwing up.

So… my memories of whale watching are very mixed, but as my Facebook and Twitter feeds are flooded with AMAZING pictures I realise that it’s time to try again.

I must confess that they scare me a little. I have a morbid fear of sharks (I read Jaws at a very young age!) and when I see pics of the whales frolicking near people I imagine them leaping out of the water to bite the heads of the unsuspecting spectators. (And yes, I know, I’ve watched too many horror films!)

The bay’s busy at the moment as we’re in the throes of The Whale Festival. We’ve Paddled Out for Whales, the whale watch fleet has been blessed, we’ve had events for kids and the Seafood Festival. There’s stacks more to come, with the Illumination Parade this coming Saturday (17 August), a Whale Aid Concert, Migaloo Starlight Swing and many MANY more events.

Picture from

Picture from

I’m aiming to get to as much as possible but next on my agenda is to head out and see these bloody majestic creatures (sans visuals of them baring their teeth and eating onlookers whole!).

I know there are a myriad of wonderful companies hosting excursions, so I’m up for suggestions?

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