Definitely not the pits

I really need to start staying at home on weekends. Or… get into an exercise routine so I feel less shame, if I’m going to continue to visit sporting events around the Fraser Coast.

The Hervey Bay Triathlon was depressing enough: fit-as-a-fiddle lycra-clad athletes whizzing past on bikes or pounding the pavement, as I lolled about on my blanket wondering what I’d eat for brunch. But this past weekend my body-image issues returned as I attended the inaugural Fraser Coast Regional Beach VolleyBall Invitational in Hervey Bay.

the guysWhile the weather and crowds disappointed a little on the Saturday, a steady stream of people did take advantage of the fact that talented and professional athletes were again on our doorstep, frolicking about in an incredibly large sandpit!

Olympians and those among the best in the State and country were on hand to show us exactly how one looks good in swimwear while throwing themselves onto the sand.

I’ve previously confessed my hatred of getting sandy, so the notion of being sweaty and diving into the sand (no matter how pristine) is like all of my nightmares come at once!

the galsBut, in addition to the amazing bodies (from a strength and fitness point of view, rather than sleazy pervy way. Of course!), there was some fantastic sporting prowess on display.

The usual beach volleyball pairs offered us some great athleticism but it was the fours that impressed me. All eight invitees (of either gender) on court at once resulted in some amazing rallies and closely fought tussles.

VB2I’m stoked that it’s reported that the competition will return. From all accounts the players were impressed by the facilities and – as a spectator – I was impressed at the event’s organization: from the array of food on offer, to the activities for kids (jumping castles and face-painting) as well as the chance for spectators to rub shoulders with the pros on the practice court. As a social media fiend I was also impressed to see regular Facebook updates and some fabulous pics of the matches.

VB1The lack of protection from the elements was a bit of a problem.

It was either too hot and sunny in the stands or those present got saturated by the pesky rain which hung about most of Saturday.

I’m not sure how undercover areas would be catered for, but a bit more shade would have been handy. Perhaps if the court was ‘moved’ a little there would be some shady spots under trees.

As for the boring important bits… Mike Watson and Will Mercer took out the men’s title from Dan Carey and Joshua Slack; while super-impressive Townsville gals, Natasha Chapman and Rebecca Matheson defeated the sisters’ Mowen (Jordan and Justine) for the women’s title.

It’s great to see national and world-class athletes on our doorsteps (roads, ocean and beaches) and I’m stoked to have had the chance to be privy to their awesomeness. It’s also worth thanking the sponsors, including The Hervey Bay Boat Club and the Queensland Volleyball Association. I’m already looking forward to next year!

Eye Candy alert

beach volleyball 2Sporting prowess, absolutely. But let’s be honest, there are going to be some seriously hot guys (and girls, I’m all for inclusion) at Hervey Bay’s Seafront Oval this weekend for the Fraser Coast Regional Beach Volleyball Invitational.

Three-time Olympian, Joshua Slack, will be amongst those competing, as detailed in this Fraser Coast Chronicle article.

Another free event…. Pickle will have a blast watching the balls bounce (minds out of gutter people!)

beach volleyball1I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours over the weekend… A Mothers Day present to myself perhaps? 😉

Date:  Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May, 2013
Time: from 9am round-robins Saturday and 8am finals on Sunday*
Venue: Seafront Oval, corner of Main Street and Charlton Esplanade, Pialba
Cost: FREE!

Hope to see you there!

Cheers, KangaRue 🙂

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 2.06.32 PM
* Pics from Event Facebook page