Second Instameet and new shops in the Borough

Just over four months ago we held our first Instagram / social media users meet-up here on the Fraser Coast. At the time we vowed we’d do so again and then I kinda procrastinated about the whole thing hoping someone else would initiate it.

Thankfully a few fellow Fraser Coasters ran into each other in some new shops in Maryborough and decided it would be a great spot for the next gathering.

The lovely Katie again did the hard yards and liaised with Sotik Sanderson (from Open City ESS) who is apparently not at all worried by the concept of smart-phone carrying locals tramping all over her lovely shop taking random pictures of themselves, each other and… various pretty things.

Of course I must confess I’m yet to make to the new fabulous shops (Open City, The Burra Bub Co and Hey Posy) in the Adelaide Street laneway (remembered by me as the place we bought my bicycles as a kid!), but I follow all three new shops on Instagram and Facebook. And… because my friend’s just written a blog post about them I’ll send you in the direction of The Daily Recovery to check it out: Laneway Life (258 Adelaide Street Maryborough) and for more information.

Pic via: Gayel / The Daily Recovery website

I for one am really excited about the new shops opening around the Fraser Coast. I know we continue to lose some, but new blood ahem, arrivals are certainly something worth celebrating and supporting.

So… I might see you on Saturday (5 August, 12-2pm)! Drop by for a coffee and say hello!

For non-Instagram users, Katie has set up a FB page you can follow for news of other meet-ups.

And if you’re on Instagram but can’t make it we’ll try to use a sensible hashtag, like #frasercoastinstagrammers, so you can follow along from your deathbed (as there surely can be no other reason for not coming! 😉 )

** You can find Instagram and Facebook links for the great new shops in the Adelaide Street Laneway in The Daily Recovery post **

What women want

No doubt you have clicked on this post to read about that cheesy Mel Gibson / Helen Hunt movie from back in 2000 – when Mel Gibson was politically and socially acceptable and Ms Hunt* at her post Mad About You peak.

Well, I’m sorry for leading you astray as there’s nary a thought-reading bloke to be found here. As the title suggests however, I am offering up something which could be of interest to the Fraser Coast’s fairer sex.

What Women Want is actually an informal networking group for women of the Fraser Coast. I was fortunate to learn of the group’s existence just after my arrival here and it’s been a wonderful way to meet others.


The bimonthly gatherings aren’t just for business women or professionals wanting to network – although it is ideal for that purpose. I’ve attended one session where we did share ‘who we are and what we do’ – albeit on a whale watch boat while partaking in nibbles and drinkies.

Since then we’ve met at FitPole, where those insane brave** enough to try it had a pole dancing lesson; and the most recent session was at The Holistic Hub where the dozens in attendance got to briefly try some yoga before sharing in some delicious and healthy food.

And… there’s more excitement to come as the next WWW gathering actually involves a day trip to nearby wineries. Who said business and pleasure don’t mix?!

Anyone is welcome to the WWW networking functions. Well, providing you’re female – which is the whole point I guess. The group is always looking for sponsorship or hosting venues so feel free to contact the coordinators*** via the Facebook page if you have some suggestions.

Speaking of which… I want to learn how to make rice paper / spring rolls, so think I might suggest a cooking class. Well, either that or paddle-boarding.

* What actually happened to Helen Hunt I wonder. One minute she was ‘the one to watch’ and won an Oscar and the next minute. Poof. Gonski.
** I wished I’d been brave enough to try spinning about the pole but decided my inability to lift my body weight could have been problematic!
*** I should mention that the coordinators are volunteers and do a great job.

PS. I actually found out about the group at an informal Hervey Bay business social function – also held bimonthly. There’s also a Maryborough equivalent.